Terms of Service
Kuxan provides the service of its web applications in two modalities, free and paid. Kuxan may stop offering the Free plan for new users, but the user who acquired it before may continue using it indefinitely as long as they do not make changes in your plan. The user acquires a non-exclusive, worldwide and temporary and non-transferable license to use the Kuxan system according to the conditions of the plan that he has chosen at the time of paying for the service, or if applicable, he accepts the conditions that he has Being a free user, but at no time does it acquire ownership of the platform.

The copyright on the software works that make up the platform and the Services will be owned by Kuxan and under no interpretation of these terms of service will be understood as transferred to the user.

The Kuxan service starts when you register an account on the Kuxan website, after having accepted the conditions expressed in this contract

The user becomes aware of the services for which he is paying when using any of the plans that Kuxan offers. Kuxan will not be responsible in any case for errors made by the user when choose your plan, as well as when typing or entering your personal information as well as the operation and progress of your business activity or the classification you make of it, which will irremediably affect the results produced by the Software.

Kuxan understands that the account holder and users are aware of any changes made to the account settings, and that they will make the changes they deem appropriate. Kuxan will not be held responsible for the loss of information that occurs due to force majeure, fortuitous event or act of a third party as explained under the heading Operation of the Site

Scope and level of service Under normal conditions, the Kuxan platform has a down time of approximately 1%, so that the platform is available 99% of the time. Kuxan will take steps that it deems appropriate, to that the application is available to the user, but it does not guarantee the foregoing, since there may be events such as damage to communications, acts of third parties, maintenance or restructuring of the application, among others, that are beyond the control and responsibility of Kuxan. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Kuxan guarantees users that the application will be available under normal circumstances, as announced, from anywhere in the world that allows an Internet connection, as long as the user remembers their account credentials and the conditions of provision. of the Internet connection service by each provider, allow it.

In such a way that if it could not be accessed due to the type of connection or due to the deficient service of the aforementioned provider, this does not imply at any time a breach of the service provided by Kuxan.

Regarding the maintenance and restructuring of the application, Kuxan reserves the right to carry out the necessary steps, without prior notice to users, but will ensure that they are given notice as early as in their opinion consider convenient or prudent to avoid inconvenience or eventual damage in the processing of data or information.

Means of payment The user will be able to choose the plan and payment period at the time of making the first payment. Depending on the chosen period: monthly, semi-annual or annual, the next charge will be made on the same day of the month in which he signed up.

Kuxan's payment is in advance and the user accepts that recurring charges are made according to the chosen periods. He also agrees to notify Kuxan in case he does not want the next charge to be generated, at least 2 business days before your next billing date.

In the event that the user does not notify Kuxan in advance of his desire not to generate the recurring charge, he will have 5 business days to request the return of the money in accordance with the right of withdrawal provided for in the Consumer Statute .

Kuxan offers the means of payment that are listed on its website. However, to access Kuxan through some of these payment systems, it may be necessary for the account holder to register some information , such as an account number or credit card issued by a financial institution or that is in force, in order to charge for the services provided in our online software. If there are withholdings of any kind, these will have to be assumed by the user.

Kuxan is aware that holding user credit card or bank account information is sensitive. Therefore, it is committed to keeping this information safe and isolated from improper use.

Kuxan assumes that the credit card information entered to create an account is known by the account holder, therefore it is not responsible for the inappropriate use of credit cards at the time of this being used to register an account, understood as irresponsible use, falsification and impersonation of the identity of the account holder.

Kuxan, therefore, refrains from carrying out all kinds of acts aimed at carrying out the verification of the User's personal data to compare them with those registered on his credit card, since he assumes that whoever provides the They themselves are their own owner and therefore know data to which no person has access, in addition to not having databases with which to compare such information.

Notwithstanding this, the user authorizes Kuxan to carry out any verification or consultation of their data in any database, information and risk centers and any other source of information that provides history on the form in which it meets its financial and credit commitments, both nationally and internationally.

The user affirms under oath that he is not included in the Clinton List and that his income is not related to any type of acts that Colombian and international legislation determines for money laundering, drug trafficking , terrorism or other crime and that are legally acquired.